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Property Sourcing Solutions for Landlords

Discover Your Key to Profitable Property Investments with our Expert Property Sourcing Services

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The Value We Bring to Landlords

We bring expertise, reliability, and convenience to property management. Trust us to enhance your experience as a landlord.

Secured rental guarantees

With all our contracts underwritten, you can be assured of receiving timely and reliable payments every month, without any exceptions or delays.

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Enhanced revenue and cost optimization

Our leases offer increased income, cost efficiencies, financial stability, and better budget management for landlords.

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No rental gaps

This helps minimize income loss and additional costs associated with vacant periods, ensuring a stable and profitable rental property investment.

Signing Contract

Minimal or no daily maintenance requirements

This reduces the need for constant maintenance efforts, saves time and resources, and creates a more convenient and enjoyable environment for property owners or occupants.

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Prompt and effective acquisition process

A prompt acquisition process is vital in competitive real estate markets, enabling faster transactions and saving valuable time for both buyers and sellers.


Elimination of concerns related to Section 21 notices or difficult tenants

We aim to address Section 21 notices and effectively manage difficult tenants on behalf of landlords, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free rental experience while safeguarding their investment.

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Contracts with a fixed term ranging from 3 to 10 years

We provide landlords with an extended period of assurance and predictability, allowing for long-term planning, consistent rental income, and reduced tenant turnover hassle.

Done Deal

No additional costs

Our comprehensive management services come with no additional charges or hidden fees such as management fees, tenant changeover fees, recurring fees, or inventory fees.

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No expenses for inventory services

Our aim is to offer our clients a property management experience that is both hassle-free and budget-friendly. We aim for transparent and predictable pricing, avoiding unexpected inventory fees.

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The good condition of your property is upheld throughout the return process

We take great pride in upholding the highest standards of property maintenance, and this commitment goes beyond its benefits to our business. We provide written assurance of returning your property in excellent condition at the end of the contract.

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Viewing a Home

At YE PROPERTY we make sure your rent is paid on time every month, for a 3-year period. 


How, why? Well, it's easy, if we think your property has potential and looks to a high standard we have high-end investors, companies and businesses that would have all the right resources to make any needed adjustments and take full control of the property.

This means they take full control of all the problems. For you this means more time into what really matters, maybe another property, maybe your career, all while being paid guaranteed rent from your property.  

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